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About Am.Hiraya

In the dynamic world of branding and design, Audrey Maypa emerged as a visionary entrepreneur. As the founder and creative director of am.branding and design atelier, Audrey was known for her innovative ideas and passion for creativity. However, she felt that there was something missing, a vital component that would allow young creatives to flourish and unleash their potential in a safe and nurturing environment.

Driven by her desire to foster artistic growth and provide a platform for emerging talent, Audrey embarked on a new venture. In her quest to create a haven for young creatives, she established her brainchild am.hiraya, the photo and video studio arm under the umbrella of am.branding and design atelier.

am.hiraya quickly became a sanctuary for aspiring artists, a place where they could freely explore their talents and interests in the arts and multimedia. Audrey envisioned it as a safe and creative space, where boundaries were pushed and artistic boundaries transcended.


Equipped with the right tools and a team of skilled professionals, am.hiraya provides the necessary equipment and expertise for young creatives to bring their visions to life. Whether it is photography, videography, or any other multimedia endeavor, the studio offered a supportive and encouraging environment for experimentation and growth.

The name "hiraya" was carefully chosen to reflect the essence of the studio. Derived from the Filipino language, "hiraya" means "imagination" or "dream." Audrey believed that imagination was the driving force behind every great work of art, and she wanted to inspire and nurture the dreams of young creatives who walked through the doors of am.hiraya.

Word of the studio's unique approach and commitment to artistic development spread quickly, attracting a diverse community of talented individuals. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and collaborations, am.hiraya became a thriving hub for creativity and innovation.

Under Audrey's guidance as the creative director, am.hiraya grew not only as a studio but also as a supportive community. Young creatives found solace in the camaraderie and collaborative spirit that permeated the space. The studio became a melting pot of ideas, a place where talents were honed, and lifelong friendships were forged.

For the future years, am.hiraya aims to continued to thrive and make a lasting impact on the artistic landscape in Mati City. Audrey's vision of providing a safe and creative space for young creatives to explore their potential and nurture their talents became a reality. She hopes that the studio could became a beacon of hope, inspiring a new generation of artists to pursue their passions and reach new heights.

The story of am.hiraya is a testament to Audrey Maypa's unwavering dedication and belief in the power of creativity. Through her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to nurturing emerging talent, she created a legacy that would continue to shape the artistic community for years to come.

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