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Mati City's First Self-Shoot and Aesthetic Studio

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About Am.Hiraya Studio

AM.Hiraya: Capturing Dreams, Creating Memories

At AM.Hiraya, we're more than a creative brand – we're storytellers. Specializing in photography that encapsulates the essence of aspirations, our name "Hiraya" originates from a Filipino term representing optimism and potential.

Believing every image holds a narrative, we're dedicated to immortalizing these tales. Our diverse services span family portraits, weddings, corporate events, and commercial ventures. Currently, our main studio offering is our self shoot service - enabling clients to tell their stories and express theirselves with ease and convenience. 

Our ethos centers on quality, innovation, and creativity. Our mission is to honor our clients' dreams with professionalism, ensuring exceptional results that resonate.

AM.Hiraya stands for hope, creativity, and distinction. Our ardor for photography fuels our resolve to manifest clients' dreams. Led by our skilled team, we're poised to surpass expectations, presenting enduring memories that span a lifetime.

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